I Like Music – Darcy’s #20YY Story

Darcy, a young person, sitting an dplaying violin infront of dark curtain, with colourful dodecahedrons floating around them

I Like Music – Darcy’s #20YY Story Music is the best. I like music because it’s happy when I do it and when I think about it It is my favourite in my life. That’s why I like music – Darcy Share on: Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Facebook Twitter Youtube […]

A Sense of Confidence – Melissa’s #20YY Story

Today's Family Melissa standing infron of curtain holding colourful twenty sign with a smile. Text beside Melissa reads "Arts transform children and instill confidence" - Melissa Stenhouse

A Sense of Confidence – Melissa’s #20YY Story CKA reaffirmed I was in the right field. The arts transform children instilling a sense of confidence in them that some kept hidden inside. The shyest child would get on stage, celebrating the After School Arts Program, with such joy and passion. CKA has provided community such […]

Magical moments – Setareh’s #20YY Story

Artist Eductaor, juggling colour Dodecahedrons sitting in front of curtain.Word written around her read, "Seterah I witness these moments of absolute joy"

Magical moments – Setareh’s #20YY Story CKA constantly provides me with a apsce where I can hear everybody’s stories. So my story is their story. Sitting there, watching the kids drawing, cutting, exploring, pouring the colours on paper, laughing; sitting there and listening while they talk to each other and to me, hearing all the […]

Kids get a voice at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

Kids get a voice at the Art Gallery of Hamilton “I Have A Right” at the Art Gallery of Hamilton aimed to bring the Hamilton Charter of Rights of Children and Youth to life through arts and cultural exchange. Media artists Tyler Tekatch, Kyle Duffield, Joseph Browne, and Drew McEachern collaborated to create a large-scale […]

When You Watch a Child Grow Up

A person holding up some colourful paper grinning, the table to the left of them is covered with crafts and colourful drawings.

Kyra (Photo: Harold Sikkema) When You Watch a Child Grow Up When you watch a child grow up, day by day, year by year, it can be hard to notice.  When they’re babies each and every change is immediately apparent and celebrated as a milestone, but the older one gets, the subtler our evolution is. […]

How I Grew Up With CKA

Image of Author Jessie Goyette sitting with several othe rpeople smiling at the camera

How I Grew Up With CKA My name is Jessie Goyette, and this summer I am a cultural educator and apprentice with Culture for Kids in the Arts. For me, this marks a return to Culture for Kids (CKA), since my previous high school position as a mentor of the Artasia program in 2011. I […]

Let Them Play!

A child reacts to Puzzle Theatre's performance of Little Yarn Stories at Kinderfest 2017.

Let Them Play! What I Learned as an Educator at Kinderfest:Reflections of emerging Arts Educator and CKA Program Coordinator CKA staff share unique roles in that we are administrators as well as Arts Educators. In these roles, we are responsible for the logistics and planning of programming and events, but can also further our own […]

Young Artists Flourish in the After School Arts Program

Young Artists Flourish in the After School Arts Program Through his own experience as a ballet dancer, Vitek Wincza has watched the professional artistic scene isolate itself from the emerging scene. In the past in Canada, major arts funders supported old and established artists, as well as new and prestigious venues. They ignored the new […]

Friends with Feathers Find Their Final Perch

Friends with Feathers Find Their Final Perch After more than a year of travelling the greater Hamilton area, the cranes of Artasia 2015’s Tour: Hope is a Thing with Feathers made their final perch at the Flamborough YMCA in January 2017.  The exhibit was a collaborative work shaped by Artist Dave Hind who uses recycled, salvaged and […]

Why Arts Education Matters

Why Arts Education Matters Making the arts accessible, everyday, everywhere, for everyone – Culture for Kids in the Arts’ mission, in a nutshell. In order to do this, CKA, with contribution from its founding partner, the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, created Arts For All. Arts for All is an initiative that creates professional learning opportunities […]