CKA invitation to ArtasiaWesley Urban Minisitries, 155 Queen St N: Sound Farming

YMCA Jamesville Community Centre, 209 MacNab St N: Arcadia

Eva Rothwell, 460 Wentworth St N, More Than Trucks and Trains

Boys and Girls Club, 45 Ellis Ave, Imaginations Taking Off

Today’s Family, Delta United Church, 47 Ottawa St S, Monkeying Around

This year, the children of Artasia went beyond what they see in their communities by also paying attention to what they hear. Acoustic Ecology is all about listening to the environment we live in. Sound artist Victoria Fenner worked with children in 5 Artasia sites to guide and mentor a Sound Ecologist practice.

The final exhibition was displayed in HCA’s Recital Hall and in situ in varying neighbourhoolds across Hamilton.