Performance Celebration 2012

Wesley Urban Ministries

Tuesday, May 29 at HCA – Hess Street Elementary School, 4pm

Wednesday, May 30 at HCA – Queen Victoria Elementary School, 4:30pm

Beyond the Bell YMCA Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford

Friday, May 25 at HCA – Queen Victoria Elementary School, 4:30pm

Bennetto Elementary School, 5:45pm

Friday, June 1 at HCA – St. Lawrence Elementary School, 3:45pm

St. Patrick Elementary School, 5:15pm

Friday, June 15 at Cathy Wever Elementary School – Cathy Wever, 3:30pm

Friday, June 15 at HCA – King’s Road Elementary School, 5:15pm

School age children in out of school programs hosted by community organizations, participated in weekly arts programs within their after school location. Professional arts instructors travelled to different locations and lead hands-on classes in visual arts, music, dance and drama. The program’s culminating activities engaged all participants in performing arts shows.