I Have a Right…/J’ai Un Droit…
CKA Artasia 2017 at the AGH

I Have A Right…/J’ai Un Droit… brings Hamilton’s Charter of Rights of Children and Youth to life through arts and cultural exchange. In collaboration with media artists Tyler Tekatch, Kyle Duffield, Joseph Browne, and Drew McEachern, CKA is shaping a large-scale interactive media arts mural to spark conversation around what it means to be Canadian and the rights we are afforded as Canadian citizens in this celebratory 150th year of confederation.

In partnership with the Pen Pal Project and indigenous educator Suzie Miller, the work features exchanges about Canadian children’s rights between participating children and 150 notable Canadians. Check out the full collection of children’s postcards and add your voice to the mix! Collected voice recordings can be added into the interactive installation.

Join the conversation:

Interactive media arts mural
Taking the form of a playful, surrealist collage, the interactive mural is composed of original drawings by the children who contributed to the charter. The mural invites participation, as viewers can trigger compelling interactive elements, including animations, soundscapes and music, that creatively interpret a child’s perception of the world. Abstract, immersive, playful and compelling, the mural will tour galleries and public spaces throughout the country in 2018 and beyond.

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