Building on a youth-inspired charter of rights for the parks, Artasia 2019 empowers kids to care for the environment through arts, technology, and story exchange. By activating and caring for local greenspaces, children consider the interconnectedness of living things.

Mindful of the land and its stories, children explore concerns about habitat, plant varieties, pollinators, and endangered species. Arts activities transform questions into civic action, as children assemble creatures to carry their voices and views. Kids get digital by 3D scanning their artworks, and designing a virtual environment to meet the needs of human and non-human beings alike.

In concert with a McMaster-based research team, Artasia 2019 culminates in a 3D virtual park, housing the visions of more than 500 kids from around the region. The students of Artasia invite you to join them as they deepen their engagement with parks and the environment! Walk along with us in Virtual Reality as we connect our communities together via digital footpaths and waterways.